The interior of the African style

If you want to transform the apartment the same way, deftly woven into its cultural heritage of ancient civilizations, these tips will fall at an opportune moment.

First of all, think with what you personally associate Africa. If the first thing that comes to mind is children’s song “Ah, monkeys, whales, ah, crocodiles, hippos …”, you will probably need a rich range of colors for interior decoration, absorbed the scorching African sun. If, however, comes to mind dusty savanna with cracked earth and burnt yellow grass – you could not be better suited quiet colors, the ones that are trendy right now in the ethnic style clothes – beige, brown, ocher, coffee with milk. Colours in the African interior means a lot, and if the choice of colors you have decided, consider that half the way!

Интерьер в африканском стиле

Интерьер в африканском стиле

Интерьер в африканском стиле

Интерьер в африканском стиле

in the African style, in contrast to a tiring high-tech, abundant metallic parts should give a sense of inner harmony and peace. Complete painted in a neutral wall color wicker, rattan or vintage wooden furniture, decorative fabrics with animal prints (animals, of course, have to be African). In the African interior is appropriate to look skins on the floor (under Leopard, for example), striped cushion seats (an imitation of the skin of a zebra). But in this case, if you decide to design the interior in soothing tones, reminiscent of the hot breath savannas of Africa. If you taste the bright colors, bold stela in the floor handmade carpet, woven from colored threads. My friend, which was discussed earlier in this article, brought a rug from Kenya and with the has made it the focus of your living room. Stepping on it barefoot, he shared his impressions vividly imagine a carpet of grass and flowers, carpeting vast expanses of Africa in the rainy season. Of course, if you have at hand no such exclusive trinkets made by African women by hand, will have to exert some effort to get supplies to Russia “under Africa.” Gallery Decor Giraffe, for example, offers interior decoration in African style at affordable prices – exotic masks from 1000rubley, bows and arrows and spears from 1700rubley, wooden animal figures at prices ranging from 200rubley. This, of course, not Africa, but its styling, but for those who’ve never been on a distant continent, this, we think, is enough. If you visit in Africa have already happened, or you’re just going to go there, do not forget to bring from his trip something truly distinctive. This will give your home a truly noble chic.

Интерьер в африканском стиле

Интерьер в африканском стиле

Интерьер в африканском стиле

Интерьер в африканском стиле

The apparent advantage of home in the African style is, of course, its environmental friendliness. Wicker or wooden furniture – it’s not particle board, it is not harmful to health, although it is much more expensive. The walls, painted with latex paint, “breathe”, which creates a good climate in the house. Natural fabrics in the textile decorative details – cotton and flax – does not cause allergies. A simple situation, coupled with the lack of dust collectors (books, swags, etc.) fills the house with air.

That is the style in the interior of the house of my friend. In the living minimum of furniture (sofa and three ottoman) allows you to focus on the details – black figures of women, mysterious statues of the gods of Kenya, amazing otherworldly masks on the walls. Here it is good to sit in the evening over a cup of tea, indulging in the contemplation of the eternal. Decorative items unpretentious African life and decorated bedroom – leopard skin thrown over the bed on a chair conveniently located decorative pillows embroidered with lions, and light linen curtains muffle sunlight and create an atmosphere of peace. Quite differently framed children – here in the bright curtains antelope frolic, and sky-blue ceiling painting draws attention to the form of white clouds. You see how easy it can be issued in the African style the whole house – from living room to the nursery.

Интерьер в африканском стиле

Интерьер в африканском стиле

But if such an opportunity you do not, do not despair – a piece of Africa can easily fit into any decor. Strange but true – just bring her home a few exotic interior – interior and sparkle with new colors! Throw a blanket on the couch with an African print, is located on a low table a few ceramic ploshek, remove all the excess out of the room – and voila! – You already feel the breath of Africa, is not it?
A friend of mine now, carpentry door bell of a tooth tiger, and says it will bring him luck. Good luck in your experiments with the African interior, and you wish!

Андрей Сергеев

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