Interior of a Japanese-style

For a long time Japan hit and attracted the Europeans to their depth perception of the world and the attitude to it man. Of course, this left its mark on everything that surrounds it, until the household details and lifestyle. It is therefore quite natural desire to touch and grasp the philosophy of people in the country of the Rising Sun. And for this there is no perfect way than to recreate the interior of our apartments all that surrounds them daily. And if you want to do this is simple enough.

Интерьер в японском стиле

Интерьер в японском стиле

First of all, it should be noted that the of a Japanese-style – is not just a set of specific subjects. Here, each of which carries some meaning. The furniture in the Japanese style must be irresistible in its natural beauty, which does not try to hide under the excessive decoration. But it is not simply functional, and provides an opportunity to behold the beauty of natural materials to emphasize simplicity of geometric lines and shapes. Low massive couches and tables, seemingly weightless shelves and racks, translucent sliding walls and doors – all made out in calm tones and with the austerity of minimalism. The style in the interior is designed to highlight the hidden meaning of things, which is about to unravel, but which slips over and over again . The interior of the Japanese-style must exist some understatement on a par with conciseness.
An important element is traditional in Japan, sliding and movable partitions, you can use to modify the internal space of recognition. But for Europeans it is not necessary to demolish the wall. In the role of separator may be made by a specially designed doors and furniture doors. The walls must also contain elements of division. In this case, the visual lightness, airiness about the formative elements of the interior eliminates the psychological pressure, contributes to the internal relaxation.

Интерьер в японском стиле

Интерьер в японском стиле

Cabinets in the usual sense in the Japanese interior not, but that does not mean that from them should be discarded. Will look quite organically built-in wardrobe, if it occupies the space from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. The only important thing to include in the facade of the typical Japanese-style elements of dividing surface, bright inserts or frosted glass, and built-in wardrobe will fit perfectly into the surroundings. At the door panels can be placed even with traditional Japanese motifs or characters, as used in the design matting, rugs, sisal and rice straw, bamboo, etc.
Advanced Materials also find a worthy place. Aluminum, glass, metal and plastic with a matte surface, veneered chipboard and fiberboard fine may be combined with natural materials. Moreover, modern technologies allow perfect mimic anything. It is only important not to forget the sense of proportion.

The final touch will be parts and accessories that will enliven the situation. It is important not only to include in the decor of traditional motifs and designs. Add stylish gadgets: chests and caskets, set for tea, netsuke, bonsai, mats, floor cushions for seating, Japanese vases, dolls and a fan on the wall. All this is perfectly complement the overall composition and fill the house warm and cozy. And then you are fully able to enjoy the soothing atmosphere of Japanese style, from the comfort of your own home

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