The use of natural stone in interior


Crafts in natural stone – are the sculptures, statues, busts, vases and many other items of interior decoration, manufactured as ready for the project, and on customer’s design. In a short time the company carries products from marble, onyx, limestone and other materials available. Decorative items decorate the room, balconies, gazebos, and will provide a harmonious complement to landscaping projects and conservatories.

Balusters, columns, pillars

Balusters, columns, railings and columns are manufactured to customer drawings. Manufacturing cost is calculated individually, depending on the complexity of form and hardness of the material. The most popular types of stone used in the finishing and decoration of the premises are granite and marble. Marble, which is considered a “soft” material, is afraid of acids and alkalis, is not very tolerant of fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Therefore, marble is not often used for outdoor applications. However, marble has excellent ornamental qualities. They veneer fireplaces, walls, swimming pools, window sills, for book and articles made of marble – table tops.

Countertops, tables, bar counters

Today is a sign of good breeding is the presence in the kitchen and bathroom countertops made of natural stone. Made from marble, onyx or granite, they not only perform their basic functions, but also decorate the interior design . Granite and marble countertops in natural stone are not afraid of humidity, temperature changes, are resistant to accidental bumps. A table of natural stone – elegant, often delicate – become a real decoration of your kitchen, dining room or terrace. These products are the fine work can be performed both on a finished project and on the sketches, to offer customers. Tables of stone look great.
Bars are an integral element of the interior is not only bars and cafes, and modern kitchens and dining rooms. Made from natural stone, they are perfectly in tune with the same window sills and table tops. The richness of colors and shades allow you to choose bar racks so that they match the color of the other interior items, or vice versa – contrasted with them.

Stairs, stairs, skirting

Stage of natural stone staircases give exquisite, expensive, noble appearance. Moreover, in addition to the aesthetic qualities of these products from granite, marble and other types of stone have high strength and durability. Important details of the stairs are not only the stage but podstupenniki. Together they form a coherent design that could turn an ordinary suburban house in a small palace. Stone will make from your ladder whole work of art with forged or chrome handrails.
Plinths are profiled strips, intended for finishing of the floor space. Looks particularly impressive floor baseboards the same color and from the same material as the tiles laid out on it. Shaped products made of natural stone – marble, granite and other rocks – ideal for interior decoration of the same sex. They look like stone plinth nobler and more spectacular than the wooden or plastic coated with a stone.


Marble and granite window sills in natural stone give a complete view of interior design apartment or house, helping to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere inside the premises. They are not only beautiful, but durable, reliable and durable. It’s safe to say that sills are made of natural stone, will last for many decades, without the need for special care. Stone windowsills are perfect for all types and kinds of windows, and thanks to the variety of colors used in the production of the material, you can choose products to suit every taste.

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